Kevin Smith's Inaugural Smodcastle Film Festival 2022
Talking with our eyes closed
Talking with our eyes closed
          Only The Best International Film Awards - Best Indie Feature
          Ara Korea International Film Festival Metaverse
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Award Wins!
LAIFFA Fall 2020 Best Actress - Leonora Moore
LAIFFA Fall 2020 Best Actress - Leonora Moore
LAIFFA Fall 2020 - Best Feature All Genres
LAIFFA Fall 2020 - Best Feature All Genres
LAIFFA Fall 2020 Best Actor - Drew Hancock
LAIFFA Fall 2020 Best Actor - Drew Hancock
Film Festivals Selection of 2020
      Love, Unemployed - Behind The Scene Visual Effects Part 01
Official Trailer HD
Teaser Trailers - 2019
Love, Unemployed - Concept Trailer
Thanks To My Team:
Written by: Leonora Moore and Ricky Wong
Produced & Directed: Ricky Wong
Edited and Graded: Marina Bandres
Adr Recording: Rodolpho Feijó
Sound Editing: Joe Allman
Cast: Drew Hancock, Leonora Moore, Michael Siegel, Rob Harris, Wayne Philips & Jermaine Curtis Lilburd
Special Thanks To The Team:

Photography - Kenneth James
Sound Editing - Rodolpho Feijó
Camera and Editing - Marina Bandrés
Special Guests - Marcus Alexander & Drew Hancock
Pr and Marketing - Rodolpho Feijó
Investors Packet - Ricky Wong & Mercedes Yau
Poster Design
Artwork by - Ricky Wong
Many Thank You To My Team:

Production Manager: Mercedes Yau
Production Assistants: Matthew Harvey, Lisa Vetter, Rhea Wareing & Dominika Noworolska
Location Scouting: Ricky Wong & Mercedes Yau
Production Meeting: All Cast and Crew
Storyboarding & Animatics: Ricky Wong
Rehearsals: All Cast & Crew
Equipment Rentals: Provision & Purple Crew
Principle Photography
Mega Thanks To The Post-Production Team:

Editing - Ricky Wong
Foley Artists - Carl Brown, Dan Rendel, Alejandro Calce Bascón, Jake Tysome & James Melville 
Adr Recordists - Adam Shatwell & Jake McKenzie
Dialogue Editor - Derek Ainger
Audio Premixing - Derek Ainger 
Final Mixing - Marcus Alexander
Visual Effects - Ricky Wong & Jonathon Williams
Colour Grader - Jean Wong & Ricky Wong
Press Kit
Sneak Preview
I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek video?
The preview clip demonstrates the accumulation of six years of hard work from being inspired to write a story from just one photo to producing an ambitious film with little to no money I had and asking people to help me tell my little story. 

I am so grateful to the group of dedicated people, who gave their time and energy in helping me tell my story on screen I can't thank them enough.
If this film piques your interest why not, 'like, subscribe or follow' us on social media. We could use your support in spreading the word of our little film.

- Ricky
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